About The EZ-Puller

The Ez-Puller came about because of the frustration and time wasted setting up and fine tuning traditional bar pullers that were available to me a few years ago.

We are a job-shop machine shop and our lathe work is often short run 5-10-50 or 100 pieces. In most cases, the short run nature of the job does not warrant setting up one of these traditional bar pullers – it takes too much time. However, doing things this way meant we had to put an operator in front of the machine to manually pull the bar after each part was completed. To me this was lost production, I needed a bar puller that could be set up for any bar diameter – within the range of the tool – in seconds. The tool needed to be reliable, repeatable and rugged enough to stand up to the probability 100’s of thousands if not millions of pulls.

A few prototypes and a few modifications later, I had this neat little tool that does exactly what I wanted it to and even more. The Ez-Puller can pull not only round but octagon, hex and square stock – without spindle orientation (M19). We have also found that when we install a softer spring (60A or 80A durometer) we can pull PTFE and other delicate materials without damaging the stock.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video. Then take a moment to read our warranty. We stand behind what We build.

Thank you, Dan Kenner



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